CUP 2024


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Firstly thank you for choosing to enter our 5 a side tournament held at Clipbush Park Fakenham NR21 8SW. Please find below all the information we feel you may need to know to enjoy your day. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via


IDEAL FORMAT AND SCHEDULE  🔮 - subject to change - use as a guide only.

Our prefered format for competitive age groups is 2 groups of 7 teams. Usually the group stage will finish around 14.30

Non competitive age groups will get a minimum of 5 matches. Usually finishing around 12:30
Where we do not manage to get 2 groups of 7 we may change the format so each team gets a minimum of 6 matches or extend match duration.

Match duration may be increased if a team fails to turn up.

Finals usually end around 15:30


Parking will be £2, please have money ready to keep roads clear - with this you will be supplied with a tournament programme. 

There will be some parking at Fakenham Town FC however we have arranged that people can park in the following areas:  

The Doctors & Pharmacy (round the back of)

Please follow marshals instructions at all times.

Marshals will be available to help people to park and cross the road to the club as the ground is situated very close to a very busy small roundabout. 


All our referees are volunteers - we have players from the U12’s - U16’s who will be officiating suitable age groups.
Our managers / adult team players will be referees for the older age groups. 


All our pitches will have respect barriers around them. On the main pitch this is the metal barrier. ONLY players and coaches allowed pitch-side.


There will be toilets in the clubhouse.


There will be space around the main pitch for gazebos and seating. However the space around the main pitch is not grass so seats will be needed. We do have a grandstand that can be used.

Everywhere else at the club will be grassed.  


Bacon Rolls (available until around 10.30), refreshments and hot & cold drinks will be on sale from the clubhouse and refreshment tent from 8.30am and throughout the day. 

The bar will serve alcohol from 12 noon - BUT we ask that alcohol is not consumed on the sidelines and only around the clubhouse.

A BBQ will be available over the weekend serving burgers and hot dogs.


There will be a variety of stalls and things to do over the weekend.

DE-FIB MACHINE 💓 - The nearest de-fib machine is located in the main clubhouse near the main entrance. 

WRISTBANDS 🏳️‍🌈 - At check in you will be supplied with coloured wristbands for each player you have on your team sheet,  every player MUST wear their wristband at all times, they will not be replaced and are mandatory to play in competitive matches. A reminder that players can only play for one team in the same day!

PHOTOS 📷 - All photos taken by club officials on the day will be shared on the Fakenham Town Youth Football Club Facebook page.



At check in you will be supplied with coloured wristbands for each player you have on your team sheet,  ever player MUST wear their wristband at all times, they will not be replaced and are mandatory to play in matches. A reminder that players can only play for one team in the same day!
🤕 Deliberate heading of the ball is not allowed for U6-U10 age groups and is punishable by an indirect free-kick.
🤕 If the infringement is in the penalty area an indirect free kick will be awarded to be taken from the penalty spot. 
🤕 ALL decisions relating to heading and what constitutes deliberate are at the referees discretion but will be based on FA guidance.
⚽ Teams to consist of 5 players plus 2 subs maximum. (except U6+U7 age groups)
Under 6+7 age groups are non-competitive and will only play group matches - each player will receive a medal.
Roll on / roll off substitutions with referee’s permission when play has stopped.
No head-height restrictions.
Goalkeeper must underarm roll-out the ball (no kicking out of hands or overarm throws – except U6+U7 age groups who can kick out of their hands and throw overarm). Roll-out must be to another player. As soon as the ball touches the ground it is live. If a goalkeeper kicks out of their hands or throws overarm a direct free kick will be awarded on the edge of area.
Retreat rule applies for U6, U7, U8, U9 age groups only.
Any player is allowed in the area and goalkeepers are allowed out if they wish.
Goalkeepers can receive a pass back but must not pick the ball up. (except U6 + U7 age groupsIf a goalkeeper handles a back pass a direct free kick will be awarded on the edge of area.
If the ball goes out of play - either a corner , a throw in or goalkeepers ball will be awarded.
Throw ins to be overhead.
Goalkeepers restart with the ball in their hands, in their area  - there are no goal kicks.
Each match will be played straight through with no half time. For age groups which have 2 leagues these will be 10 minutes straight through. * match times subject to change on the day.
Top 2 from each group will go through , in the event of a draw, goals scored will be used, if this is also a draw, goals against will then be used. In the event of this being a draw, a 3 ball penalty shootout will be used to decide the winner. Sudden death will be played if scores are tied after 3 penalties
Knockout stages will be 10 minutes straight through and 4 minutes extra time then penalties. Only the 5 players on the pitch at the end of the match will be able to take a penalty.
There are no off-sides.
A goal can be scored from anywhere on the field of play except a throw in and can also not be scored direct from kick off.
The goalkeeper must release the ball as quickly as possible, time wasting will not be tolerated and a decision will be made at the referees discretion.
All free kicks are direct.  (with deliberate  heading being the only exception - as above).
Opposition players must retreat 3 metres. If players do not the free kick can be moved forward 1 metre. If a free kick is given on the edge of an area the referee will pace out 3 metres from the penalty area line.
Any infringement within the area by a defending player will result in a penalty.
Any infringement within the area by an attacking player will result in a goalkeeper’s ball.
If a penalty is awarded the goalkeeper must stay on his line until the ball is kicked.
Only the penalty taker and goalkeeper allowed in area when penalty is taken, once it is taken then ball is in play.
Penalty takers for U12 and above age groups will be limited to one step away from the ball for the start of their penalty.
Yellow and red cards are in use, if a player is shown 2 yellow cards during the day, he/she will no longer take any part in the tournament. If a player receives a red card, he/she must leave the field of play and will not be allowed to take any further part in the tournament. The referee reserves the right to insist a player is substituted during a match.
No abuse or violent conduct towards any referee or club official will be tolerated.
We are all here to have fun.
Please ask any questions at the managers meeting.


We really would like everyone to enjoy their day with us at Fakenham so please make sure your parents/supporters are aware of the above.